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What It Means to Volunteer

From Nancy Gruver… 

My experiences at El Nido over this last year have been a beautiful gift to me. Monika, Holly, and Blanca Lucia have shown such love, acceptance, and kindness to me personally. They are true examples of God’s love.

El Nido has expanded greatly in the past year. Now almost all of the second-floor rooms are used by El Nido, and I am so happy to see all of this expansion. It has been such a great joy to really interact with many mothers and their children. It is delightful when they come in and I am able to talk with them, laugh with them, and play with their children. El Nido is so filled with warmth and happiness!!

I love seeing the arrival of the new deliveries of clothes and food for the children – and now for all family members. I have gotten to be good friends with some of the mothers. I am so pleased to see them and their children. I have had the joy of seeing these tiny babies develop into very animated and active toddlers.

Almost every time I come to El Nido, I help prepare clothing for use. I know these items are going to bring joy to various families. This summer I have helped teach English to some parents. It has brought me real happiness to see their success in this endeavor. It has been wonderful fun.

To close, I  can say that my experiences of El Nido have been a real blessing in my life. This is a place of love and peace. I am grateful to come here.