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Message From Monika

A Reflection on This Past Year

One of my initial goals as program director was to create a sense of community at El Nido and to collaborate with other agencies in Washington Heights. I felt it was important for El Nido to become a place where our families felt welcomed, that they belonged, and were heard and acknowledged. These are essential feelings that as human beings we need to thrive, to feel whole, and to feel good about ourselves. I aimed for El Nido to become a community in Christ and be one in him in NYC. As a church community, you have helped my vision become possible.  El Nido has become a place to come together to break bread, learn from one another, and leave mini-blessings behind. In the past year, we have partnered with multiple community agencies, including NYPH/Columbia University Hospital, NYU Silver School of Social Work.

I would like to take a moment to thank you, for your generous financial support, and for your attendance at our outreach benefit! Your support allows us to DREAM BIG!  To the amazing The Reading Corner volunteers, YOU helped us share the gift of reading, awaken a passion for books, and inspire the parents to read to their children. To the volunteers working with the older siblings, mil gracias for channeling your inner child by creating beautiful arts and crafts with them and introducing board games to the children who have never played Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land, and Guess Who?

To the ESL teacher’s, words cannot begin to describe how much you have impacted the lives of your students. You are helping them overcome a scary barrier – language!

Year one would not have been possible without YOU!
Mil gracias de todo corazón (with a grateful heart)

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