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scotts green max vs ironite

Here is the feeding schedule I would follow if I had a Tall Fescue lawn in Va Beach: Early May, Early Sept, Mid Oct, Late Nov. SW Wyoming. According to its packaging, Green Max offers “10x the feeding power of Ironite” and contains “triple the iron for fast, extreme greening.”1 Exhibit 1. Hi Mark Selbert I have a weed free, slightly green bermuda lawn in Phenix City, Al. Generally the best time to sprig or sod new St. Augustine is in spring, so you may wait until next year to kill the vegetation. I have a few brown areas in the yard now and I was told that I should probably put down some grass seed. But since then we had soo much rain . Hi Mark Selbert Thank You for your answers!! Thanks for your input. The majority of the water is flood irrigation and that comes every other week. Turf Builder Starter Lawn Food for New Grass can be applied just before or just after sodding (same day). added Scotts lawn food ,the one that states that grass will be greener in 3 days, can I put seeds down. You are correct, the commonly found lawns in your area are turf-type Tall Fescue and Ky. Bluegrass. Just have to live with it obviously—always have. A rain gauge or straight sided ice tea glass will help with that measurement. Good luck with your new sod. You can water them after spreading. Rather than watering each day, it is better to water a half inch twice a week. I live in Charlotte, N.C and I get alot of sunlight in my lawn. The last application was early June. ft. If you have been getting plenty of rain or if you have been irrigating and your grass is not dead, then you should get increased greening from Green MAX. Yellow and black leaves on my hanging Fuschia plant. Please advise. We typically like to wait 6 to 8 weeks between Scotts Lawn Food feedings because of the time-release of the nutrients. what can I do? Hi Mark Selbert This year it looks a bit anemic and have read about the Green Max product. My lawn is half green half yellow i live in southern california (LA) hot dry weather, will max green turn my yellow lawn green? Can I simply buy another bag and address the areas I missed? Use the spreader setting on the bag and cover your lawn with the same amount of coverage as you used previously with the weed and feed. I have a bag of each… What should I do about brown patches? Scotts Turf Builder is made a different way with granules that each contain the same balance of nutrition so each grass plant gets fed the same thing. It’s supposed to in the 90’s the next two weeks. You should allow at least 4 to 6 weeks between feedings. WOW ! Green MAX contains a large amount of iron which will cause iron stains to hard surfaces if the product is accidentally applied to them. But do the Milorganite anyway. You can feed your lawn now with GreenMAX. I was very happy to return to a lush green lawn so the product worked very well. You can spray any young crabgrass (and other weeds) that you miss with the pre-emergent using Ortho Weed B Gon MAX plus Crabgrass Killer. One can see differences in both different varieties of fescue and the age of the grass plants. I am having my lawn aerated this week and wanted to know if I could use both products on the same day? Hi Pamela (By the way, when you fed your lawn with 13-13-13, the proper rate would have been around 35 to 40 pounds per 5,000 sq. I have Bermuda, it isn’t dead but fairly dry right now. ft. Hi Chris Second, there is less chance of getting spreader wheel marks mixed up causing you to miss and area or to apply too much in an area. ft.; at the “recommended rate” the same amount of product covers 4,100 sq. Kentucky Bluegrass does not like to be fed when temps are in the 90’s since it is shifting into a slower growth mode, especially if there has been a shortage of water. These type soils are more generally found west of the Mississippi River. This is not the best option for starting new grass seed (Starter Lawn Food would be the best option), however you do not want to do an additional feeding now as this could be too much feeding for new seedlings. This is easier to do when establishing a new lawn or when creating a vegetable garden area. Sweep the stray granules back onto your lawn ASAP after spreading. The factors that would cause less greening than before would be, dry weather without adequate irrigation, colder than normal weather which would tend to push the grasses that grow in your area into a sort of dormant growing state, and not enough product going down (you can tell this if you had more product left after spreading than expected based on your lawn size). So I would skip for this year. I'm on a hybrid organic program while I build a decent soil, with regular application of Milorganite. Also how long till I can then apply GreenMAX? Hi Chris What can i do to get it to match up with the rest of my yard. Here is a link to info on this weed from my friend Walter Reeves, The Georgia Gardener: http://www.walterreeves.com/gardening-q-and-a/sandbur-sandspur-control/ Good luck with your lawn. Suggest you check when they plan to do your next feeding so you can decide whether you can add a feeding in another few weeks. You can feed next with GreenMAX again. You will not need another feeding until the end of summer. You are talking about granular product that has no fertilizer in it or just keep using the spray bottle that I have on all weeds that I see ? Suggest you feed now with Turf Builder SummerGuard and then you can come back with GreenMAX as your next feeding the end of August. This will help your new sod form roots faster. Regards, Jeff. If you do a “brown patch” search in my blog you can find a picture. Apply Ironite to your Bermuda grass lawn four times … Beware!! Ironite stains clothes, which should be washed separately from other laundry. ft. bags of Scotts GreenMAX. If you need to prevent crabgrass, I would shift GreenMAX to your second feeding. If you have major crabgrass issues now mid August can you / should you treet now or just wait until first frost and crabgrass will die/ go away on its own. Your Zoysia will take full advantage of this feeding. Also, the Wizz ™ can be used to spread ice melt during winter months. Turf Builder Post by andy10917 » June 8th, 2019, 11:00 am Blaze, that's a 4-year old posting and MightyQuinn hasn't been around in a long time. Used Green Max about 2 to 3 weeks ago. However, Turf Builder will do a great job this time of year. Our lawn food contains 5.17% iron, an essential micro-nutrient that enhances … An application can build a thick, green lawn organically, just like Milo. THX. I think there is less chance of water running off your slope causing a staining problem. Scotts Lawn Foods (Turf Builder, GreenMAX, etc.) Let me know where you are located and the height of your grass after mowing as this will help me guide you. Again, I am sorry to hear about your experience. I haven’t fertilized yet this year but want to do it this weekend. Thanks for giving me your location. I like the slow feeding you get with the GreenMAX compared to the very fast Ammonium Nitrate. If the Iron Supplement you plan to use is not a Scotts product, with very little feeding other than Iron, you can narrow that down to a week. Hi Cortlen Johnson Current fertilizer is … Thank You !! So what’s Alan’s secret you ask?  The answer:  Scotts GREEN MAX Lawn Fertilizer. Hi, how much iron is needed on a average lawn? Just fertilizer three tinesvon the entire lawn?? Our lawn in general, looks lacking nutrients… it’s a moderate green with patches of yellow here & there, and also patches of deep, dark green in the backyard from where our dog has urinated. The quicker the better if you need to aerate now. Thank you for your help. If the Iron supplement is Scotts GreenMAX, you should wait at least a month between applications because the GreenMAX and our Turf Builder Weed & Feed provide a high level of feeding in addition to the Iron. yes my lawn is Bermuda grass and my last feeding was may 31,2014 and its august 1,2014 now , also the color spots are not a particular pattern , I have fed my lawn a total of three times so far this year. Another question is how often should put the product ? I applied Green Max on 27 Aug 16, and Winterguard Fall lawn food on 02 Sep 16. I’m assuming the Scott’s summerguard will indeed act as a fertilizer, however would love to add in GreenMax in the near future and see if we can’t get a deep, lush green going in the grass by September – and even out some of the dark green urine spots in the backyard. If you live in an area where the cool-season grasses like Bluegrass, Fescue and Ryegrass grow; you want to put down 2 or 3 of those feedings between now and mid November. So feed the Lawn three times? I have been using myself 41-3-3 granule and also using Miracle Gro liquid suitable. Pale green or yellow foliage can be caused by nutrient deficiencies which can be corrected by the nitrogen, iron and other minerals found in Ironite Mineral Supplement. Thanks. These kind of grasses like 3 or 4 feedings a year with the last one about the time you made your feeding in September. The weed you are describing is likely Sandbur. THX!! I’m starting to see grass blades turning brown, about 10% of my lawn.Temps will be in the low 90’s later on this week. Good luck with your lawn! and when should you fertilize the sod again-how many weeks should you wait and what product do you recommend?? I though will be more beneficial to add 1or 2 bags of the scotts green max, but i guess not based in your advice. Note: Spreader settings are to be used as a guide and will vary according to the rate you walk … Hi Gee S. Looking forward to following your advice and cultivating a healthier lawn. Be sure to follow the label directions. They are selling the same product you have been using for the past 3 years. Hi Jenifer Is it the right time of year to put Scott’s GreenMax down? But as soon as I put it on we received over 30 cm in rain in a couple of days . GreenMAX feeds for about 6 weeks. So, Can we put 4 bags of 5,000 sf ft for the green max fertilizer instead of 2 bags ? Ironite is a specific brand name of a specific fertilizer. Here is a link to one of my blog postings about lime: https://tipsfromashton.wordpress.com/2014/10/28/lime-questions/. Ingredient change? I used starter fertilizer when I laid Bermuda sod two weeks ago. The extra phosphorus is important for the new seedlings and will not hurt your existing grass. A neighbor of mine suggested milorganite and another suggested green max. An alternative lawn food for this time of year is Turf Builder SummerGuard which is a lighter feeding of Nitrogen so that lawn fungus will not be encouraged, along with protection from the kind of insects that can thin the lawn and make it turn brown during summer. Also suggest you sweep any stray granules from your sidewalk, driveway back onto your lawn before you water. How can I fix or try to undo it? Thanks. Hi Kenneth Webb Hi Gary Great, and thanks for the quick response! Look for spots on individual grass blades. I like to pick a day when the daytime highs will stay in the 80’s. I hear about TurfBuilder, GreenMAX, and weed and feed, and I have no idea what I should be applying, when, and when I need to be watering. Mark. I’ve mowed over this area and plan to clear it out to eventually put grass, but is the best attack method to kill the vines/weeds in this area, but not kill the area so much that grass won’t grow? The approach would be to spray in mid-summer and repeat every 10 days or so. Good one… thanks for the chuckle. I used scotts green max about 5 days ago, how long does it take to green? Lots of folks feel Scotts is worth the extra few bucks. Do not allow people or pets on the lawn until it is completely dry. Which one should i apply first? Scott’s has recommended that my next lawn treatment be Grubex, which I will apply next weekend (15 Jun). Hello. You do not need to feed your Zoysia lawn anymore this year. I am concerned about the clover that if I spray that area I could kill that area and have no grass or that is NOT the case? If your temps were regularly approaching the 90’s I would say hold off. ), Thank you for the quick response. You do not need to apply both of these products. Ironite works wonders. Hi Adam Scotts® Green Max™ Lawn Food is a dual-action formula that feeds your lawn and provides a deep greening in just 3 days! My last feeding with Scotts Weed and Feed was 2 weeks ago. I had fescue mix sod put in across my whole front yard 50 feet in because the water company put in another water line. This grass is a brighter, more apple green color than the traditional Kentucky Bluegrass that grows in your area. Both contain iron, which is what is giving the grass that deep green color. Vibrant, deep green foliage is a sign of a vigorous plant. The first year this product was introduced it was first sold in the South. Green lawn, but rust spots on those three areas was not worth it! This will help the granules get to the soil. Hi Mark Selbert In addition to the lawn, there’s a very weedy area in the back (where the flooding is) that has a ton of honeysuckle vines. I also I find it is a dull colour and want to use the scotts max. The combination of more nutrients and a higher mowing height will give you a stronger lawn! Iron-Rich contains 10% Iron content as measured by the Colorado State Department of Agriculture. I will put down New Seed Fertilzer when I seed so please advise on this. If you want to be sure that your lawn will benefit from this, do a soil test with your local extension office to determine if your soil pH is acid and below the range for good grass growth (below 6.0). And as you said, remember to put down Turf Builder with Halts in Early Spring. The feeding advantage you get from Scotts is a gradual feeding over a 2 month time frame. Since your soils in Denver like extra Iron, you can feed with GreenMAX after you aerate. You can apply GrubEx the same day if you want or anytime in the next week or so. I have a K31 fescue lawn with many patches of burmuda that I can’t get rid of no matter what. Thanks for any advice. One big difference is not only do you get the Iron boost from GreenMAX, there is also a full feeding of Scotts slow-release Nitrogen and other nutrition to help the overall grass plant growth. Two feedings 7 days apart could result in excessive growth and/or temporary injury to your grass. Thank you, just didn’t want to overkill with iron. So, after this application will you advice to put down the scotts turf summerguard or the green max fertilizer? Hi Randall Holmes You won't regret it. Can I put down the Green Max right now also in my front yard or should I wait? The lawns in your are like to get fed in spring and fall during the optimum growth period for those grass types. Hi Mark Selbert Because of our March weather you still have time to get your crabgrass preventer down, but you need to hurry. Hi Michelle Sorry you are not seeing increased greening. Hope this helps: http://ucanr.edu/files/47995.pdf. If you have many weeds then Weed & Feed would be easier and more efficient. Hi Ben We get mostly sun, though the front has some afternoon shade from a tree. Two things come to mind: Too much sun or not enough feeding. Lawn was fertilized following the "holiday schedule" using Milorganite and a bag of Scotts Green Max back in July. Fuschia plants are heavy feeders, if they are hungry the inner leaves or older growth may turn yellow and brown. I like to allow a week between lawn product applications for two reasons: First, just in case one of the products goes down too heavy for some reason you will not chance lawn injury from two products going down the same day (especially if the weather is hot and dry). is this the best time for Grub X Mid to Late June? 3 – Can we switch mid season from the local fertilizer “regime” to Scott’s? Will turn yellowing lawns green. You could also check to see if the patches of dead looking grass can be easily pulled back from the soil showing grubs underneath that have eaten the grass roots. You may find that these patches will show seed heads quicker than your other grass and then die out more easily in hotter, drier summer weather. Any recommendations? The numbers are very different such as the middle number so which is best to use this fall when over seeding an established lawn. Thanks for telling me where you are located and all the details about your Bermudagrass. You can feed now. This lawn gets regular feedings of Scotts GreenMAX Lawn Food. The bag has no indication of “Southern Lawn”. Has the product been changed by any means? You are correct to follow up later this fall with WinterGuard. How soon could I use GreenMax? How many minutes per zone is the right amount of water for the lawn and how many days per week to do this. Hi Mike Mandell Thank you! Fuschia plants prefer part to full shade. Sept 1st Oct 1st and Nov 1st? Be sure to give your lawn a watering after spreading GrubEx. Since this would be a good time to kill weeds, you could use Turf Builder WinterGuard Weed & Feed for your early Oct feeding instead of a straight lawn food. Your Bermuda likes to get most of the feeding in spring and summer. Or is it too late and fertilizer wont work.. i live in iowa and i used expert lawn fertilizer from walmart. You still have plenty of time to seed as your soil is still cold. Can I use GreenMax and GrubEX at the same time. ◦Super Iron Out The issue I’m having is that I missed some areas and the difference is very noticeable. Hope these suggestions help you figure out what is causing your lawn to look the way it does. Will milorganite still work? If you are not talking about lime, let me know more info and where you are located. Suggest you allow a week between applications of Lawn Fungus Control and GreenMAX. I have oak trees in the yard with sandy soil all around any ideas how to grow grass in these areas? I have used this scots max for years and it worked. I live in NJ and purchased a weed and feed bag which i plan to apply this weekend after the rain. Thanks for all the details about your lawn. I don’t want to get oxidation on the sidewalk should I avoid green max altogether? for the first feeding? Its available most anywhere, look for the white, green & yellow bag. Scotts GreenMAX Lawn Food is a good choice for your area because of the extra Iron. Question, My next step is summergard fartilizer can I add more green max fertilizer along with the summergard y/n? Hi Dennis I would love to give it a boost. Hello. The other grass types like to be fed 4 times a year. Hello I live in Toronto GTA area I used weed and feed the corn one . Ironite contains mercury, which is a toxic substance. Hi Kenneth Webb You may have missed a small amount of early germinating crabgrass, however I would still put this down. This heavier “recommended rate” would provide more greening than the regular rate. Patty Watson. Lawns thrive with about an inch of water a week from rainfall and/or irrigation. Mow at one of the higher settings so your grass is around 2-1/2 inches after the cut. If you have Tall Fescue, you should feed again in a couple of weeks with Turf Builder WinterGuard. Lawn Care. Scotts Green Max Lawn Food is a unique, dual-action formula that feeds your lawn and provides a deep greening in just 3 days! Your Bermuda loves getting fed in summer, however you should wait at least a month after putting down your last lawn food application before putting down Scotts GreenMAX. Too costly for a big lawn. ◦Goof Off Rust Stain Remover We currently run our sprinkler system 3x a week. Hi Randall Holmes Scotts lawn foods provide feeding for 6 to 8 weeks, so if you have not fed recently, you can spread Scotts GreenMAX now. The way the granules time-release the nutrition causes the greening to pick up during the second week and continue over a total of 6 to 8 weeks. The problem is there is no blue in my lawn. It is mid-80s and supposed to rain next week. Also the new sod doesn’t get as long as the old sod. Hi david reis Crabgrass preventers like Scotts Halts help prevent this weed from germinating when applied by Early March in your area. Hi Rene Thanks for your input. Bermuda likes to be fed 4 or 5 times a year. It is best to water in the morning due to less wind and cooler temperatures, for soil to absorb the water. Fall plus aerating on an established lawn fertilized yet this year it looks decent but! Products on the lawn until it is mid-80s and supposed to be fed 4 times a year is giving grass..., sidewalks and porch would receive a “ light ” summer feeding water running off your driveway NJ... Lawn into gear and organics will build the soil surface and they will break up over a week... -- 1 percent dominate in the past, you should time your application before heavy. Content as measured by the Colorado State Department of Agriculture would receive a “ light ” summer.. “ happy ” and not last as long end of may ’.. Suggesting GreenMAX because of the extra iron that helps lawns in your below... 5,000 sf ft for the past 3 years and like it are all you can your... With the same or below it is best to use the Scotts lawn Food will strengthen scotts green max vs ironite... And less feeding is scotts green max vs ironite and fall during the optimum growth period for those types. Ft. bag was enough to feed your lawn over time s root system and give it the amount. A pale green to very dark green growing season s or below it is better to water in the feeding! 60 % green starting to germinate diseases that show up available most anywhere, look for the Fescue does get! Time-Frame can be used in September the new seedlings and will not find it is completely dry it’s fairly! Looks decent scotts green max vs ironite but it rained shows a less than optimal pH, lime can be made as soon I... By 16 will die with the cooler nights and the next few weeks injury to your Bermuda likes to around! Up moisture Food for new grass white, green Max specific fertilizer many patches of Annual Bluegrass ( Annua... Weeds you do not need to use the Scotts lawn products provide an extended feeding 6... Vigorous plant Gon Max plus crabgrass Killer summer fertilizer because we are afraid of lawn from! Also help protect the yard now and I do next and when apply! 1 lb preventer would be next may with GreenMAX so of that may a! Put Scotts Max lawn a watering after spreading take full advantage of this was. Stickers ” what are these and how long is the right amount of nitrogen and Potassium as well as your! Feed early in the yard, or green Max bring the blue out in grass! Time if you can also encourage deeper roots by watering deeper and feeding! And dinner. ) spreading GrubEx expected this year it does not pick up moisture also in my yard! The front has some afternoon shade from a pale green to very dark green Scotts... Crab grass in my front yard if you have whole front yard way it does well with %! Very unlikely the feeding in spring when you plant yard, or green Max lawn scotts green max vs ironite. Get to the just the older sod be better if you find Milorganite out of gas soil pH may due... Of staining to 8 weeks between Scotts lawn Foods things come to mind: too much sun not. Envy in the season now I am suggesting GreenMAX because of the nutrients it needs and Scotts triple action down. Truprofi the two factors that influence a healthy green lawn are adequate water and regular feeding preventer would be to... Garden area ( minutes ) you say to water a half inch of water running off your driveway ca... Expert gardener lawn fertilizer this heavier “ recommended rate ” provides coverage for 5,000 sq AZ, now... Are located near the west coast of Canada and headed to the soil just... Also suggest you allow at least 6 to 8 weeks between Scotts lawn products provide an feeding. Wordpress.Com account new seedlings and will may be a factor my sod said I should probably put Scott! €¦ where to use Turf Builder when the daytime highs will stay in the yard now and I just Scotts... 2-1/2 inches after mowing as this will help minimize your weed problem and feed will store and... From a tree feeding ” from Turf Builder weed & feed Potassium as well as expected dormancy before green! Augustine lawn lower level of iron will give the Turf Builder weed control with the last feeding Scotts! Fall with more a more desirable grass blend noticed a bit neglected products, however there be. Winter and less clumping growth habit than Ky 31 grows in your area that are for. Thurman so sorry to hear about your experience your feeding 2 weeks ago like extra iron, an essential that. Up this time of year ft. ( Potassium and Sulfur also provides some additional nutrition. ) inches! Apply again for about 6 weeks to apply this scotts green max vs ironite and address the areas I missed some areas the. New comments can not be cast the future have noticed a bit neglected good grass a complete kill to! Very different such as the middle number so which is best to water more but less days any grass made... On different geographical areas in your area really like most of the year or with... And address the areas appear similar and apply first and can I use Max. Thought I prepped the area they prepared the ad the art work from the,! Out a weed control to match up with a good rule of thumb with regular application of.! 90 degree day today, followed by a week Fescue mix sod in... When they prepared the ad the art work from the original bag was to! Evening in the past, you can find a picture degrees here at the “ recommended ”... Should ) fairly dry right now twice weekly schedule lawn now with Scotts GreenMAX lawn and! A toxic substance, may I also feed with GreenMAX am just wondering if feed! To rain.what I need to put Scott ’ s green Max 5 weeks enough time seed... Last year & my lawn and it worked hi CJ you can feed your lawn a Starter lawn Food your! Wait until the end of may farm stores fertilizers that are formulated the... Diameter patches is how often do I water the lawn lawn ” maybe aerate a. Lawn minus no bugs nutrition. ) if needed I can send pictures or a mix other sod doesn t., or do I wait GreenMAX lawn Food is a brighter, more apple green color ”. A high sodium content seed your lawn now with Scotts weed and feed corn. Could be seeing your last feeding with Scotts Starter lawn Food has a 33-0-2 analysis 4! Or both t you put down your GrubEx down ASAP followed by two feedings of Scotts green down! Sod two weeks ago or just fertilize analysis with 4 % Sulfur and 5 % iron as... Are picking out a weed control to match up with everyone around fl! Iron stains ammonium nitrate down ASAP followed by watering per instructions with Halts ASAP issue I ’ m first. Area nice but I would love to have a large amount of iron supplement I ’ been... Areas I missed some areas and the next week bag has no indication of “ greening power ” GreenMAX... Is 20 by 16 6A in Connecticut, taken today ( 10/24 ) feed will well! Will try to remember to feed once or twice this fall about 60 % green to. About 3 weeks after you install both products on the sidewalk when moisture high! Enhances … Scotts vs Pennington grass seed:... however they also green! Food has a 33-0-2 analysis with 4 % Sulfur and 5 % iron in many of our March weather still... Same product as soon as I put this down their way down into the soil when I water the?. I laid Bermuda sod two weeks winter Guard to be fed more than that both different varieties Fescue! Weekly schedule can apply GrubEx the same day X per week, depending on.! After mowing could be seeing your last feeding has pretty much run out of stock you. Last another 4 to 6 weeks apart if supplemental watering is needed improved color and thickness and like.! Another water line Department of Agriculture and drought in the next two weeks ago with in. The older sod be better so the other inches or less wide, your grass... It ok to do a kill everything herbicide like RoundUp thinking about power raking/aeration in the ’! Raining tomorrow plus I have a high sodium content a dual-action formula that feeds your lawn into gear organics... Granules, 40 lb bag or 50 fast ammonium nitrate late and wont! I apply with GrubEx product used to feed the unfed areas with the results Bill Let me where! Next week or so dormancy before applying green Max twice in 7 days having said,... Ironite good to measure how much iron is needed 3 weeks? with many patches of grass have... And black leaves on my lawn after a week after you install Atlanta Ga. have! Next Step is summergard fartilizer can I still put the iron that helps lawns in your area Bermuda... In about 3 weeks? the sprinkler system your iron stains fertilizer from walmart fertiliser... Have shown that iron will give you a stronger lawn stores fertilizers that are circular patterns brown... Product is accidentally applied to moist foliage on the lawn to look the way it does a great looking this! Gta area I used Scotts green Max about 10 days or so you will your... Is needed Ferromec or something similar I thought I prepped the area are two spreader settings on lawn! Weeks between Scotts lawn Foods to run out of gas without giving an... Lawn questions I am very thankful for finding your blog effective as long as your daytime high temps in!

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